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International Services

CST Pharma Ltd are the UK's largest specialist in sourcing and supplying pharmaceuticals at competitive prices.

We procure generic and branded pharmaceutical products from across the globe.  We have built up bespoke relationships with our suppliers; have vast knowledge and experience of the global import/export market which ensures your licensed drugs and medicines reach their destination within the promised timeframe.

Our track record is impeccable with customers repeating business year on year; reaching as far as Africa, the Middle East and a little closer to home - Europe.

Get in touch to take advantage of our supplying power or alternatively interested customers can meet our dedicated team members at the following tradeshows:


Specialists In New Products

If you require assistance to get a new product off the ground; our team can ease this transition by calling upon both extensive industry exprience and our vast network of pharmaceutical contacts which can make a crucial difference between a product launch and a successful product launch.

EU Sales

With a vast amount of expertise and experience we supply licenced and un-licenced pharmaceutical products to Germany, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Holland, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Italy, Belgium and Lithuania.

Rest of The World

Our increasing developments and global contacts enable us to supply licenced and un-licenced products to Asia, Africa, Oceania, South America and North America.
More Information Tel 01477 539310 or Email enquiry@cstpharma.co.uk
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