Warehouse Facilities

Our warehouse uses dynamic management software to ensure all regulated control checks are performed in an efficient and accurate manner, as well as the latest technology in temperature control and monitoring to make sure our facilities are performing at their optimum, including our transportation through the distribution chain.

Become a Supplier

We source from all over Europe and the UK.

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Offering a portfolio of over 800 parallel imported products and a range of hard to source Generics, we supply the NHS, national and regional pharmacy chains, private hospitals, specialist clinics, charities, NGOs and other wholesalers.

Our expert team is constantly researching new product opportunities, with targets to apply for a minimum of 20 new PI licences per month, meaning we’re always at the cutting edge of the market for our valued customers.

Medical Appliances

Get discounted diagnostic test strips dressings and more, from manufacturers such as 3M Abbott, Lifescan, Bayer, Scope, Roche, Spectrum Thea, Menarini, Smith & Nephew to name a few.

Specialist Supply

We offer an extensive range of products for dental and veterinary wholesalers. Contact us for more information.

New Launches

As pioneers in pharmaceutical procurement and supply, we’re committed to helping entrepreneurial companies get new products off the ground. Using our extensive industry experience and network of leading suppliers, we can help transform a new product into a guaranteed successful launch.

We partner with forward-thinking, ground-breaking companies, distributing and promoting their products in the UK, as well as offering tendering into the NHS.